What is "To Be A Woman" all about?

"To Be A Woman" is a Blogumentary, telling the story of a woman in search of her identity. We watch her live and learn.

The starting point of this project is the male to female transition of  Merel Moistra. We follow this process, which involves Merel and everyone around here. The most important people are her life-companion and the two children they brought into this world.

Merel is a renown Dutch songwriter. She writes songs about her life and about her process of transition. In this Blogumentary we'll also follow her career as it evolves.

And as you watch these films, read the pages and get involved, you will gain a better understanding of concepts like 'normal', 'gender' and 'indentity', and you'll have much fun in the process, guaranteed!

Merel goes to the Semi-Finals!!!

Yes! We're so happy and proud!

Merel goes to the Half-Final! from Izzy Abrahami and Erga Netz on Vimeo.

And here's the Jury report from the competition that took place on the Dutch Island of Texel, 13-15 January:

Merel Moistra with "What Does That Woman Want?"

Her overwhelming opening line as low alto put everybody immediately on the wrong foot. No, this is no cheap revue performer on stage, here comes an inteligent entertainer presenting us with a very personal life dilemma. Unpolished, ignoring most of the rules that apply in a theater, she tells with flair, irony, remarkable self-confidence and courage, that she is a blunder of Creation. We can all laugh, but she laughs the most.

But before that laughter, there was sorrow and confusion and she shares that with us, too.

Personal stories like these might pose the risk of self-indulgance. But with this program, full of humor and perspective and wonderful feats of improvisation skills, such as when her earring falls to the ground and later when the other one does not, Merel avoids that trap. Sparsly, she shows that she is able to switch themes and that she has a keen eye on the outside world.

As a viewer you go with her completely and you forget the gendre issue and the man-woman distinctions.

The committee wants to add that Merel must be careful not to become a caricature of herself. Be caeful not to exploit these vulnerable contents of her program just to get an easy laugh. The commission says this in part because Merel has a final, breathtaking song with which she wins over the house. But she manages to get this effect thanks to her mannerisms and jokes. A serious point of criticism is on the too long story about her elementary school, followed immidiately by an annoying and abominable song and piano playing. This turn the program just into what Merel does not want: a little soggy.

The public forgave her. Perhaps because there are many entertainers who have the house "on a string", but few like Merel, who has the house "on her eyes".

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